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Steve was eating Kristen’s pussy for the home wife sex video like a man possessed. Her cunt had never tasted so good. Steve started by slowly teasing Kristen’s clit with his tongue. He was gently flicking it up and down while he rubbed around the outside of her pussy hole. Kristen could barely take being teased and started to move her hips in a fucking motion.

Steve could feel her moving and picked up speed. He was now switching between licking the clit and putting his whole mouth over it while he sucked on it. Steve could hear his girlfriend moaning while she played with both of her DD sized tits. This made Steve even more horny as he shoved two fingers in his wife’s drenched cunt while continuing to go to work on her clit. After several minutes, Kristen said, “I want to 69″.

Steve didn’t waste any minute as he quickly flipped his girl with big tits over so that she was in the 69 position. Kristen immediately shoved his cock in her mouth and started to deep throat it while Steve had his face deep in her vagina. While she was going down on him, Kristen was gently playing with his balls. Both of them were working so hard that they were about to cum. Kristen started screaming with Steve’s dick in her mouth and said, “I’m about to cum”. Steve said nothing as his lady squirted all over his face. As soon as Steve tasted her jizz, he shot a huge load down Kristen’s throat. “That will be great for amateur xxx movies tube” said Steve.

Kristen wanted Steve’s dick in her so she quickly got up, turned around and straddled her husband. Kristen was going crazy on his dick, aggressively bouncing up and down. She was fucking his dick so fast that red marks started to appear on her skin. She screamed, “fuck me hard, fuck me hard!”. Steve did as he was told and slammed his dick deep inside his wife. Kristen wanted to finish again so she started grinding Steve’s dick fast, making her clit brush up against his body.

Her hips were moving so fast that Steve could barely keep up. With his dick deep inside her, Steve couldn’t take it any more as he moaned and blew another big load into Kristen’s cunt. Kristen could feel the sperm piling up inside of her and moved even faster. Her black vagina was full of Steve sperm. “I’m going to cum!”, yelled Kristen.

Steve instantly felt Kristen’s warm sperm all over his dick. Kristen got off and walked over to the camera that was recording them having sex. “I’m going to post that hot xxx porn movie online”, said Kristen as she walked out of the bedroom. “We need to try anal sex with teen girl at next time”, said Steve. At the current time, you can watch these wife sex videos at Epic Hardcore.

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